What are your advantages in working with us?

OLLC = individual , personalized language training, based on real needs.
You as trainee learn in your own professional environment. Whatever you learn and hear can be used immediately.
We analyze and work out Objectives and Goals of your language training jointly. We help to avoid to train you on unnecessary phrases and vocabulary. This ensures highly efficient training and fast progress. You see first success compareably early, which is another motivating point. Our learning sessions are highly interactive and are leveraged on your own speed of learning. We teach with empathy and engagement. Language learning and coaching with us is even far more than just language learning.
While you are learning your new language, we develope your own personalized dictionairy as reference and create also working-templates like Emails, process descriptions, protocols, presentations and other documents for your communication within your professional environment.
We are different – we help you to progress fast!