How we work?

Individual Analysis
  • Self evaluation with the help of our OLLC evaluation form and questionaire
  • Individual analysis of learning objectices, based on requirements within the company, teaching facility or school
Individual Objectives
  • Flexible and interactive definition of learning objectives, also based on result of our OLLC evaluation form and questionaire
  • Continous adaption of learning objectives and goals, if requirred
Individual sessions and training
  • We support you in your own environment and therefore become part of your daily processes.
  • We develope and work on your own documents, mails, protocols or presentations.
  • This working and teaching style has demonstrated its highly efficiency and effectivness.
  • On request we also support and coach trainees during external meetings and appointments.
Verification & Evaluation
  • At the end of a training cycle, we evaluate the language skills with our OLLC questionnaire again in order to document the progress.
  • On request we are pleased to offer also an individual analysis and recommendation for next steps.